Contemporary Estonian art in Stockholm

Estonian Contemporary Art Fund

The Art Fund will primarly consist of young artists connected to Estonia.

The fund will reflect the present time and provide stimulus for both intellect and emotions.

Art rental  arranged by Ceaisi art fund

To rent art is an efficient way of learning more about significant artists and their works without incurring the costs of a substantial investment. Let the art be replaced every ninth months or rent it for several years. Buy the works that you really like and let the rest be replaced with new works.

Mail for more information and suggestions!


News and events

  Our exhibition history

  7.-21.10.2015                    Allee Kunstisalong  Tallinn

  19.-26.2.2016                    Galleri 67, Stockholm


Artists represented in the Art Fund

Alina Orav

Maarja Nömmik

Kaspar Tamsalu

Veterinär Malmö

Liis Koger

Peet Aren

Andrei Jegorov

Edward Wiiralt

Erich Haamer

Rekond Uppsala

Konrad Mägi

Nikolai Kull



The Art Fund constantly seeks new investors.

own capital (nov 2015) - 500.000 SEK

For further information please mail us

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